We choose holistic preparatory learning for your little one, every time.
preschoolers with teacher smiling

Unique Kids Preparatory School, Inc. is an elite K-5 private school in Miami Gardens that offers a well-rounded academic and structured environment. This private school was built on the foundation created by Unique Kids Preparatory School, Inc.

The children who graduated from our preschool were so advanced they were placed in gifted but some became problematic because they weren’t being challenged academically. As a result, UKPS was founded to prove to naysayers that children can excel if they’re fed all the information strategically. There is no such thing as “too young” here.

At UKPS, we provide your child with the tools needed to succeed as an adolescent. With our smaller classes, teachers are able to give each child more individualized attention and advance classwork based on scholastic capabilities. If we challenge our students mentally, we can prevent them from being bored and minimize the chance of a child acting out. After all, an occupied mind is too busy thinking to misbehave.

We encourage all of our children to be great and we don’t believe a child should remain stagnant if they’re ready for new challenges. It is our duty to foster their growth and push them to their limits. Our key experiences will stimulate children to achieve their maximum potential so they may continue to soar above their expected abilities. Join us in our goal to be the top most unique private school in Miami-Dade County.

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