Ensure directed learning even outside your child’s school hours.

Looking for an aftercare program for your child that makes sure he/she gets started on their homework? Looking for an aftercare provider that cares about homework being done right, before having a ton of fun? Look no further. Unique Kids Preparatory School, Inc prides itself in always putting education 1st!

Unique Kids Preparatory School, Inc. offers childcare programs including before and after school care. For children it is healthy, safe, engaging, and fun – it helps them develop their academic and social skills at a young age. For parents, the program is flexible based on each family’s childcare needs.

We provide a structured and enriched environment so students can continue to progress even after school is over. We know homework is just as important as classwork to encourage continued understanding of what was taught earlier that day. Here at Unique Kids Preparatory School, Inc, students upon arrival must complete homework assignments before doing anything else. While working, the teacher on staff oversees the students to ensure he/she is on task and completing assignments correctly. If a student has a question, our staff member is always willing to help. Once homework is complete, students engage in 30 minutes of structured reading with the teacher to promote reading comprehension, which is a major issue seen among many adolescents. We recognize the problem and feel the more we can teach the more we can reach. It takes a village to raise a child and our aftercare is an extension of your village.

We want the aftercare students to have fun but we remind them through these routines that their knowledge is the ultimate power, and it must not be wasted. Once they’ve successfully completed the academic portion of their time with us, they then have the option of free choice and can choose from several different activities ranging from board games to outside games so they can unwind. If the students come with their A game daily, they are even rewarded 1 Friday per month with exciting activities and special snacks. We may drill them by staying on top of their reading and homework but when we reward them, they see it was all worth it. Join Unique Kids Preparatory School, Inc aftercare today! You or your child will never go home disappointed.

Unique Learning Begins with Us.

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